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May 29, 2020

The purpose of transition goals and objectives is to prepare your child for life after high school, whatever that may be for them. So now, all you need to figure out is what life after high school will look like for your child AND what skills your child will need to be there AND how to successfully teach those skills to your child. No pressure.

Luckily, we have people like Muncie Kardos, Ph.D., OTR/L, ATP, to light the way! Muncie founded Kardos Educational Consulting, LLC, which provides families and schools with transition planning, occupational therapy & assistive technology, and educational consulting.

On today's episode, Muncie tells us what we need to know about transition planning! We discuss assessment, program development, and training. In addition, we discuss what parents can gain from working with their children at home during the COVID closures. Join us!

You can find Munce at