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Jul 8, 2020

Where are your kids hanging out these days? Are they learning the social skills they need to navigate the world in-person AND online? To be a friend? To get a friend? To maintain a friend? And, what do Applied Behavior Analysis, Precision Teaching, Natural Environment Teaching (NET) have to do with any of this? This episode is what you need!

Today I speak with Meghan Cave, M.Ed. BCBA LBA (CT) and Justyna Balzar, M.Ed. BCBA LBA (CT), co-founders of The Hangout Spot (, a behavior analytic social skills development center for children of all ages and abilities. All programs at The Hangout Spot are evidence-based and rooted in the FUNdamentals of science.

Join us and learn what you need to know about social skills, how to teach them, and how they generalize - both in person and in our new digital world!